Life Science Group

Our foundation is built on the principle of providing our clients not just services, but the reassurance that their core business functions are maintained at the highest standards.

By partnering with us, you are choosing to work with industry leaders, backed by over 50 years of combined experience in the life science sector.

  • Spectrum X
  • Leo
  • Seqirus
  • MatOrtho
  • JRI Othopaedics
  • Fishermans Friend
  • Peli Biothermal
  • Tunstall
  • Woodley Equipment Company
  • Kaleido
  • Novavax
  • Optimum Medical
  • Dr Reddys
  • Dr Reddys
  • Upperton Pharma Solutions (3)
  • Upperton Pharma Solutions (2)
  • Upperton Pharma Solutions
  • Adact
  • Alesi
  • NHS

Our Philosophy: Proactive Partnership

Our approach to every project, big or small, is rooted in a proactive mentality. ILS Group prides itself on having access to comprehensive business resources and advanced interactive information systems. This arsenal of tools and our dedicated team allow us to seamlessly integrate with your operations, driving necessary changes efficiently.

More than just a service provider, we become a part of your team, adept at navigating and resolving unexpected challenges swiftly, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

Our strength lies in our depth of experience and passion.


Head of Operations

With 25 years as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Mark delivers complex engineering projects with innovative solutions.


Head of Projects

Matthew leads with 16 years of project management expertise, specialising in regulated industries with strategic precision.


Head of Staffing

Barnaby excels in talent matching, fostering team-client synergies with a deep understanding of staffing needs.


Head of Commercial

Derek navigates commercial strategies with 30 years of experience, ensuring accessible, effective solutions for clients.

Our Journey
A Timeline of Excellence.

  • 2006Pharma Inception

    The inception of Integrated Pharma Services set the stage for a future of providing top-notch project management solutions to pharmaceutical clients.
  • 2010 - 2011Service Expansion

    Expansion of our services to include Quality and Validation departments, along with a Consultancy team, marked our commitment to comprehensive service delivery.
  • 2013Device Sector Entry

    The establishment of Integrated Device Services expanded our expertise into the medical device sector while maintaining strong pharmaceutical ties.
  • 2016 - 2020Era of Excellence

    Both Integrated Pharma Services and Integrated Device Services excelled in delivering quality services across manufacturing aspects.
  • 2020Unified Branding

    The formation of Integrated Life Science Group unified our efforts under a single banner, streamlining access for Life Science companies and enhancing client experiences.
  • TodayIndustry Leadership

    ILS Group stands as a respected consulting and resourcing solution provider in the life science industry, committed to fostering cross-departmental skill sharing and knowledge transfer for continuous innovation.
As we look to the future, ILS Group remains dedicated to expanding our services, harnessing the collective expertise of our internal departments to offer unparalleled solutions across all life science projects. Our aim is not just to grow as a business but to continue being a pillar of innovation and reliability for our clients. Join us at ILS Group, where your business meets the future of life science consulting and resourcing solutions.

Opinions of our customers

“ILS Group were instrumental in working with us to improve one of our key supplier’s manufacturing output. ILS designed and implemented the engineering changes and worked with the supplier right through to qualification.”

Gareth Rimmington, Co-Founder
Optimum Medical

“Working with ILS Group has been exceptional. They successfully managed all aspects of engineering, regulatory compliance, and commercial tasks for our project, all within a challenging timeline.”

Damien Hancox, CEO